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All World Champions - has 47 links.

Asilados en Argentina en 1939 - a list with about twenty eminent chess players, among them Najdorf, Ståhlberg and Eliskases, who remained in Argentine at the outbreak of the Second World War. Language: Spanish.

Biografías de ajedrecistas famosos contains more than twenty short biographies about famous chess players and other chess personalities. Language: Spanish.

ChessBase Players Encyclopedia has a database with information about players. Both historical and now active players are represented in the database.

Chess Chicks/Jolies Joueuses d´échecs has its focus on female chess players. This site will, according to the webmaster, improve concurrently with his increasing knowledge of programming. Languages: French and English.

Chess Drum - The Original Pan-African Chess Site - is dedicated to black chess players all over the world.

Chessgodesses, focus on female grand players, particularly Judith Polgar.

Chess players from Wikipedia lists a great number of notable chess players in this section. There have been some controversies on the biographies.

Chess Tournament and Chess History, created by Glenn Giffen, contains a great number of short player biographies. Very informative site.

Famous Chess Players - About Chess has decided to compile biographies about the 112 best chess players since the first half of the 19th century.

Freddy´s Schachseite - German site with comprehensive biographies about all world champions and candidates. Games may also be downloaded. Language: German.

Legends of Chess - short biographies about a number of players.

Philidor to Khan with biographies about 13 classical players. Language: English.

Photo Gallery - with chess world champions from the nineteenth century and ahead.

Profiler (Profiles) - VikingSkak has interesting player portraits of seven of the best players in the Nordic countries, among them Aron Nimzowitsch, Bent Larsen and Ulf Andersson. Language: Danish and English.

Schaaklinks has many links to great chess players. Language Dutch, but most links refer to English-speaking sites.

The best African Chess Players - a short article from, a French-speaking, Pan-African portal.

The Irish Chess Archive is a repository of information about Irish chess players both past and present. It includes player profiles, autobiographies by players, results and games you can play over in your browser or download. This example is worthy of imitation.

Uncrowned Kings is devoted to Grand Masters, who never got the chance to play for the World Champion title, that is Paul Keres, Viktor Korchnoi, Bent Larsen, Aron Nimzowitsch and Akiba Rubenstein.

Bill Wall's Profiles of Chess with short portraits of twenty-five famous chess players, from Louis de la Bourdonnais to Bobby Fischer.

World Chess Champions goes from Howard Staunton and forwards.

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Deceased players

David Bronstein (1924 - 2006), a first class player, never became world champion. Extensive information about Bronstein, including a lot of games for downloading. Languages: Spanish and English.

José Raúl Capablanca (1888 - 1942) - world champion from Cuba and a natural talent, who never studied chess books or chess opening theory. Language: English.

Capablanca - Cuban website, which contains a lot of material about Capablanca and the Capablanca Memorial Tournaments. The first one took place in 1962 and was won by Najdorf. The site also contains information about present chess events. Language: Spanish.

Chess History Center has a lot of biographical stuff about historical players.

Emil Josef Diemer (1908 – 1990) known by the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit. Homepage by Bernhard Herlemann. Language: German.

Emil Josef Diemer …just some thoughts about the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit - the homepage treats the personal history of Emil-Josef Diemer but also the gambit itself. Language: German - parts in English, French, Danish and Finnish.

Max Euwe (1901 - 1981) from the Netherlands was world champion 1935 – 1937. Max Euwe wrote many chess books and also served as President of the World Chess Federation (FIDE) from 1970-1978.

Bobby Fischer (2780) - British site with a lot of stuff and links.

Bobby Fischer (1943 - 2008) spent his last two years on Iceland. This Wikipedia article is very informatory.

Efim Geller (1925 - 1998) from Odessa in Ukraina, belonged to the absolute elite in the world. Ukrainian Chess Online has collected more than 2000 games from Geller.

George Koltanowski (1903 - 2000) was one of the best blindfold chess players in the world. Most famous is his simul match in Edinburgh 1937, where he played 34 boards, winning 24 games and drawing 10 in 13,5 hours.

Bent Larsen (1935 - 2010), previously (that is before Magnus Carlsen) the best player in the Nordic countries of all time, as best rated number three in the world. He was living in Argentina at the time of his death. Language: English. See also Wikipedia.

Emanuel Lasker (1868 - 1941) kept the title as world champion in chess in 27 years, so far the record. Language: German.

Frank James Marshall (1877 - 1944) - the Frank James Marshall Electronic Archive and Museum, founded by Michael Goeller, is a site commemorating of one of America's most famous chessplayers.

Jaques Mieses (1865 - 1954) was born in Leipzig, Germany. In 1938 he emigrated to England and he is regarded as the first British Grand Master. He was also very active as an arbiter and chess journalist. Language: German.

Mini-biografía de Bobby Fischer - mini biography about Bobby Fischer with no less than 117 comments. Language: Spanish.

Paul Morphy - this is an interesting and exhaustive site about Paul Morphy, who was of mixed Irish-Spanish descent.

Paul Morphy (1837 - 1884) - the reluctant chessplayer.

Paul Morphy (Polska Strona Paula Morphy'ego) contains a biography, a number of commented games and 490 of Morphy´s games in ChessBase-format to download. Language: Polish.

Paul Morphy – the pride and the sorrow of chess - Matt Fullerty is at work on The Pride and the Sorrow, a novel about the live of New Orleans chess player Paul Murphy.

Miguel Najdorf (1910 -1997) was born in Poland, but stayed in Argentina in connection with the outbreak of the second world war 1939. Najdorf belonged to the absolute world elite. Language: Spanish.

Rashid Gibiatovich Nezhmetdinov (1912 - 1974) - simply the most brilliant chess attacker of all time according to the webmaster.

Aron Nimzowitsch (1886 - 1935) - brilliant chessplayer, author of "My system".

Aron Nimzowitsch - home page number two.

On Nimzowitsch collected by Willem Jan Nijenhuis.

Vasily Smyslov (1921 – 2010) - leading Soviet player, World Champion 1957 – 1958, won no less than seventeen medals from chess olympiads, which is an unparalleled achivement.

Howard Staunton (1810 – 1874) is regarded as the unofficial world champion during the 1840s. Staunton also lent his name to the patent pieces which are now the standard in international play, as well as to a counter-gambit in Dutch defence. His tombstone really befits an eminent chess player.

Wilhelm Steinitz - article from Wikipedia about the first official world chess champion.

Wilhelm Steinitz (1836 - 1900) is portraited by Ignacio Marin. Broken link.

Mikhail Tal born 1936 i Latvia, World Champion 1960 - 1961, died 1992. Language: Spanish.

Siegbert Tarrasch (1862 - 1934) is presented on this well designed page.

The Bobby Fischer Home Page about Bobby Fischer, who won all tournaments between 1962 and 1972 with two exceptions.

The Bobby Fischer Unofficial Home Page contains comprehensive and up-to-date information about Bobby Fischer.

The Game is afoot presents players biographies from Philidor to Tal.

Wolfgang Unzicker (1925 – 2006) – German top player, who belonged to the world elite. His son Alexander has compiled this memorial website. Language: German.

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Now living players

International players, mostly Grand Masters, who have their own homepages or fan pages, are listed below. In those cases they are represented on FIDE´s ratinglist of the 100 best chessplayers in the world, their position and ELO-rating will be indicated in brackets with some delay (this information is from the ratinglist January 2010). W = the 50 best women.

Jude Acers - an American exhibition player. His record is a public simultaneous play against 179 players in 1973. His best world rating was 45. Anybody can challenge him for a game of chess in his home town, New Orleans, provided you are prepared to pay ten bucks, if you lose.

GM Varuzhan Akobian (2628) was born in Armenia, but moved finally to USA in 2001. He started playing chess at the age of five when his family moved to Mongolia. The weather conditions there were very harsh, so his father encouraged Varuzhan and his sister to stay indoors and play chess, instead of going outside to play.

Alina l´Ami (2331), born in Roumania 1985, but she also lives in Holland. Successful chess player already at the age of ten. She is a multilingual university graduate, with a remarkably entertaining and unaffected style of writing. Language: English.

Claudia Amura and Gilberto Hernández, she from Argentine and he from Mexico, has a joint homepage, which is no coincidence. Language: Spanish.

Viswanathan Anand (3/2790) from India, an absolut top player, but lost the match against Magnus Carlsen in November 2013.

Viswanathan Anand is considered to be the greatest sportsman India has ever produced. He won for example the FIDE World Chess Championship on Christmas Eve in 2000.

Valery Aveskulov, GM from Ukraine, who gives chess lessons and has written chess books, also tells anecdotes of his brighter moments in his biography.

Alexander Baburin (2552) has his own home page, GrandMaster Square, together with GM:s Alexander Morozevich (17/2732) och Lev Psakhis (2538).

Etienne Bacrot (24/2713), who has started Chess22 , is hoping to pass on to you his passion for the game of chess and to lead you through the fascinating world of analysis in the never-ending quest to seek truth on the chessboard. Languages: French and English.

Csaba Balogh (2608), Hungarian Grand Master, born in 1987, got a chess trainer already at the age of nine. Language: English.

Anjelina Belakovskaia (2228) won the US-Championships for women 1999.

Vladimir Belov (2641), born 1984, became a Grand Master in 2004. He is also a qualified chess trainer and is especially noted for his work with female chess players in Russia and Georgia. Languages: Russian and English.

Mark Bluvshtein (2583), born in 1988, was in the Canadian team at the Chess Olympiad 2010 in Khanty-Mansiysk. He has commented his games from this event.

Victor Bologan (43/2692) from Moldavia became a GM in 1991 and is married with a Russian ballerine. Language: English and Moldavian.

Giulio Borgo (2417) was born in 1967 and learnt to play chess during the match between Fischer and Spassky in the summer 1972. Language: Italian.

Rainer Buhmann (2573), born 1981, became a GM in 2007. He presents a selection of his own games and the site has a tactical corner too. Language: German.

Arianne Caoili (2235) is a young female player of Philippine origin. She quit competition chess in 2002 (age 14) as an International Master with a FIDE rating of 2300+ in order to complete high school studies for university. But she is currently ranked #1 female in Australia (2008). Language: English.

Fabiano Caruana (51/2675), born in 1992, plays for Italy, but is living in Hungary. Language: English.

Jean Luc Chabanon (2445) – French GM with his own blog containing a great deal. You can also play against him. Languages: French and English.

Balogh Csaba (2608), Hungarian Grand Master, born in 1987, got his first chess trainer at the age of nine. Language: English.

Elina Danielian (14W/2506), born 1978, learned to play chess at the age of five. She became the first female GM in Armenia. Language: English. (Players)

Yelena Dembo (34W/2457) – Russian female chess player, born in 1983, who after “much beating about the bush” finally landed in Greece. She is also active as a chess coach and journalist. Language: English.

Maxim Dlugy (2518) - International Grandmaster, former president of the US Chess Federation, was ranked as the world´s best blitz chess player by WBCA during four consecutive years. However, he lost a very tight match against Kasparov in 1988.

Erik van den Doel (2575) - he became an International Master at the age of 16 and in 2001 shared first place in the Dutch Championship. Languages: Dutch and English.

Alexei Dreev (87/2650) - Russian top player, but better before .

Jaan Ehlvest - Estonian GM (2600), now living in USA.

Vladimir Epishin (2610), GM of Russian origin, plays for Lübecker SV Von 1873 in Germany. Language: German.

Martha Fierro - born 1977, WGM (2354) since 1997, gives chess lessons. You can also challenge her at WorldChessNetwork.

Ben Finegold (2531), American IM, with a concise description of his own chess career and with quite a few games to replay on the site.

Josh Friedel (2540) - American GM, born in New Hampshire, who learnt to play chess already at the age of three. He also gives chess lessons.

Rodolfo Garbarino, IM from Argentine, teaches chess to groups and individuals. The homepage also contains information about his chess career. Language: Spanish. - Gonzales Garcia is a Mexican GM, who wants to share his chess experiences on his site. He also wants to show his games as well as explain some aspects of his work as chess trainer. Language: Spanish.

Anish Giri (52/2686) was born in S:t Petersburg in 1994 by Nepalese-Russian parents and became a GM at the age of fourteen. He plays nowadays for the Netherlands. Languages: English, Dutch, Japanese, Nepalese and Russian.

Igor Glek (2424), Russian GM, also chess trainer, chess writer and organizer, but today mainly active as Head of the Moscow Sport University Chess Department. His site is a rich source of chess news. Languages: Russian and English.

Mikhail Golubev (2492) from Ukraine with his games, facts about tournaments where he played and his chess clubs, present and past. Besides he is a diligent chess writer. Language: English.

Jan Gustafsson (96/2646), German Grand Master, with a Swedish ancestor, plays for Baden-Baden. You can read more about him in Jan´s ABC. Language: German.

David Howell Chess - David Howell, born 1990, is the fourth highest rated British chess player according to the website. He also has a blog.

Barbara Hund (2231) tells about her chess career. She became a WGM in 1982 and has played for the Swiss as well as the German national team for women. Language: German.

Alexander Ipatov (2586), born in 1993 in Ukranie, a polyglot, who plays for the Spanish Chess Federation as well as for German, Turkish and Ukrainian clubs.

Gawain Jones (2635), English GM, has also lived in Italy, Ireland, Australia and New Zeeland. He is aiming to crack the World's Top 100.

Harmen Jonkman (2418) from the Netherlands has a well-managed tournament calendar too. Language: English.

Gregory Kaidanov (2583) - born in Ukraina, now lives in Kentucky, USA.

Gata Kamsky (40/2693) was born in Russia in 1974, but is nowadays living in USA. As young he belonged to the world's elite players, but Kamsky decided to quit chess in 1995 and stayed away from professional chess during 10 years. Now back on the top.

Sergey Karjakin (21/2720) from Ukraina became the so far youngest GM at the age of twelve. He was one of Ponomariov´s seconds during his world championship match versus Vasyl Ivanchuk in January 2002.

Anatoly Karpov´s (2619) home page is connected to Smartchess. World Champion before Gary Kasparov.

Anatoly Karpov Unofficial Page - fan page.

Alexander Khalifman (2616), who won FIDE´s WCC in Las Vegas 1999 is connected to Grandmaster Chess School.

Petr Kiriakov (2538), GM since 1998, has his own home page, where you can get lessons, your games analysed and an opportunity to play against him - for a fee.

Rainer Knaak (2484), German GM, can also tell about his 30 years as a chess player in former DDR (East Germany). Language: German.

Artur Kogan (2524), who was born in Ukraine, has finally landed in Spain, where he runs the Olala chess academy. He plays for harmony. Languages: Spanish and English.

Humpy Koneru (2W/2614) - World Junior Champion for girls 2001 and so far India´s youngest female GM.

Jerzy Konikowski (2325) has written a number of chess books, about opening theory and biographies, in German as well as English. The website is in Polish.

Alexandra Kosteniuk (8W/2523), who became a GM at the age of 14, has a very well-done website.

Vladimir Kramnik (4/2788) defeated Garry Kasparov in a match about the World Championship.

Vladimir Kramnik - this well-done site has been created just in time for the WM-match against Leko September 25 – October 18 2004 in Brissago. Kramnik is described as a cosmopolitan personality with many interests besides chess.

Irinia Krush (37W/2455) is also associated with Smartchess.

Kateryna Lahno (9W/2518) from the same club in Ukraina as Sergey Karjakin became WGM also at the age of twelve. She is sixteen days older than Karjakin.

Rafael Leitão (2620), is probably the best player in Brazil. The homepage also contains his selected games, chronicles and analyses. Language: Portuguese.

Peter Leko (12/2739), the Hungarian GM, has a well designed home page.

John Levitt (2420), English Grand Master, author of chess books and other things.

Tomas Luther (2577), Germany, became a GM 1994. He also plays blindfold chess. Language: German.

Bartlomeij Macieja (2624) - born in 1977 - has been Poland´s highest rated player. He played a match against Karpov in April 2004, which he lost. Language: English.

Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (6/2763), born in 1985, belongs to the only family in Azerbaijan with three Grand Masters, because his two sisters also hold this title. Language: English.

Alisa Maric (2387), the best woman player in Serbia, as best number three in the world, was born in USA. Language: English.

Krikor Sevag Mekhitarian, who runs the blog Blog do Kriko, belongs to the ten best players in Brazil. Language: Portuguese.

Viktor Mikhalevski (2611) was born in Belarus, but is presently living in Israel and of course playing for the Israeli national team. Language: English.

Alexander Morozevich (6/2755) has recently got himself a home page. Not wholly finished when this is written.

Hikaru Nakamura (28/2708) - the 14-year old Hikaru Nakamura made his first GM-norm in the Bermuda GM-A 2002. Already when he was nine years, Hikaru caused some attention in USA.

Daniel Naroditsky (2438), born in 1995, became the World Youth Chess Champion (Boys Under 12) in 2007. He is also the youngest ever-published chess author.

Parimarjan Negi (2621), born in India in 1993, is already a Grand Master. Language: English.

Melanie Ohme (2361), born in 1990, became German champion for girls U14. Beside playing chess she studies psychology at the university in Mannhem.

Sam Palatnik (2473), GM from Odessa, Ukraine, but he nowadays lives in USA. He has a diploma in Engineering Science, been working as a professor in chess theory and was appointed Emeritus Coach of Ukraine, the highest awarded coach by the former Soviet Union. Language: English.

Christophe Philippe (2432) has a site with his own games. He also organizes tournaments. Language: French.

Natalia Pogonina (17W/2501) has only two female chess players in Russia ahead of herself, when these lines are written. The website is managed by her husband, Peter Zhdanov, also a very good chess player. Language: English.

Judit Polgar (46/2682) - the foremost female chessplayer in the world.

Judit Polgar - an extensive article from Wikipedia. You can replay 1000 games of her on this website.

Judit Polgar Fan Club - fan page.

Susan (Zsuzsa) Polgar (2577) makes also a lot to popularize and promote the game of chess in USA.

Ruslan Ponomariov (13/2737), born 1983, a very strong chessplayer from Ukraina.

Lev Psakhis (2557) is also connected to GMSquare.

Elisabeth Pähtz (22W/2484) from Germany became World Junior Champion for girls in 2002. Her father, also a GM, trains her. Elegant homepage. Language: German.

Teimor Radjabov (16/2733) - one of the youngest Grand Masters ever. Language: English.

Iván Salgado (2602), born in Galicia 1991, ranked number three in Spain in February 2011. He started to play chess mainly thanks to his older brother, Òscar, who still assists him. Language: Spanish.

Roland Schmaltz (2546), German GM, also very successful lightning and bullet player (handle Hawkeye) at ICC. Language: English.

Jennifer Shahade (2322) has once won the US Championships for Women, and furthermore written a book, ”Chess Bitch”, an account of how today’s young female chessplayers are successfully knocking down the doors to the traditionally male game.

Sam Shankland (2560), a college student, who at the same time plays professional chess. He finished in third place in the US Championship in 2011 and defeated super-GM Peter Leko at the World Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk, Siberia, in the same year.

Alexi Shirov (20/2723) - fan page. You can find his official homepage at Chess school Shirov online.

Evgenija Shmirina (2136) - WIM, born in Ucraine in 1989, but now living in Dresden, Germany. Already when she was nine years old, she became the female Ucranian champion in rapid chess for U12. Languages: German and Russian.

Almira Skripchenko (35W/2456) is born in Moldavia but plays nowadays for the French Chess Federation. The webmaster, Francisco Valiente, collaborates with Almira Skripchenko concerning the content of the site. Language: Spanish.

Roman Slobodjan (2556) was born in 1975 in Potsdam and became a GM in 1996. He plays in the Bundesliga as well as in the French Ligue de Top 16. Language: German.

David Smerdon (2526), born in 1984, is the fourth Australian to become a Grandmaster.

Andrei Sokolov (2588) has got a fan page. Language: German. His own site is called ”Les Échecs en noir et blanc”.

Yuri Solodovnichenko (2558) was born in 1978 in Kherson in former USSR. He had qualified as a mechanical engineer and economist, before becoming a professional chessplayer. He won the GM title in 2007. Language: English.

Boris Spassky (2548), born 1937, was World Champion 1969 - 1972. He plays now and then.

Peter Svidler (10/2744), who does not receive enough with invitations to tournaments according to himself.

GM Peter Svidler Unofficial Homepage with no less than 99 photos of Svidler.

Jan Timman (2581), from the Netherlands, born 1951, has been a professional since 1970.

Sergei Tiviakov (62/2662) played on the top 1995 and 1998.

Veselin Topalov (2/2805) was born in 1975 in Ruse, Bulgaria. He became Grand Master in 1992 and has been a real top player the latest years. His chess career was crowned with the title match against Kramnik and his FIDE ranking as number one in October this year (2006). Language: English.

Dima Tyomkin, grandmaster (2497), born in Ukraina, presently living in Canada. He plays regularly on World Chess Network.

Josh Waitzkin (2464), IM, was a very successful player in USA as a child. The film "Searching for Bobby Fischer" is based on a book with the same title by Waitzkin. Owners of the chess program ChessMaster have listened to him too.

Francisco Vallejo Pons (31/2705), born 1982, became grandmaster at the age of 16. The second best player in Spain – after Shirov. Language: Spanish.

Karel van der Weide (2437) - Dutch GM, who diligently is participating in many tournaments. Language: Dutch.

Loek Van Wely (2641), Dutch Grand Master, has an official homepage, which contains some selected, annotated games. Language: Dutch.

Jan Werle (2561), Dutch Grand Master, born in 1984, who won his first prize at the age of eight. Some of his games can be replayed on the site. Language: Dutch.

Simon Williams (2513) became a Grandmaster at the age of 27. He has written several chess books and also organized tournaments in England.

Andrei Volokitin (42/2692), born 1986, is another very good player from Ukraine. His motto is "to go as far as possible". Language: English.

Osvaldo Zambrana (2481) - IM from Bolivia, who recently (December 1 2005) made his third GM-norm. Language: Spanish.

Jolanta Zawadska (WGM/2339) was born in 1987 in Wroclaw, and in 2004 she won the World Youth Chess Championship for girls U18. World Youth Chess Championship for girls U18. Two years later she won the Polish Chess Championship for women.

Chen Zhu (28W/2470) - previously the best female Chinese chessplayer, who lives in Qatar.

Steven Zierk (2466), IM, born in California 1993, has developed very fast as a chess player since January 2007. He has won the 2010 World Under 18 Championships.

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Nordic players

Here Nordic players, who have their own home pages, which focus on their match- and tournament activity, or pages, which contain information about them, are placed.

Ulf Andersson (2575) - GM, the best player in Sweden over the years, once rated number five in the world. According to the ICC ratinglist from 2004 Ulf Andersson was rated as the second best corrchess player in the world.

Ulf Andersson - Chess-Theory has dedicated a whole page to Ulf Andersson. Languages: French and English.

Magnus Carlsen (1/2810) is the best Nordic player of all time and also the best player in the world in his age group (born in 1990) and since November 2013 also world champion. His father manages this website according to reports. Language: English.

Magnus Carlsen, world champion, when these lines are written, and previously trained by Garry Kasparov, reports about his tournaments on this blog. Language: English.

Magnus Carlsen – an interview with the 19-year-old top-ranked chess player in the world in Time Magazine.

Magnus Carlsen YouTube Channel presents a number of his games, mostly with commentary.

Pia Cramling (14W/2509) has got a homepage. She is recognised as the best female chess player in Sweden and has belonged to the chess elite in the world for many years. She is living in Spain and plays in many European club teams. Language: Swedish.

Rune Djurhuus (2466) - three other Norwegian GM:s, that is Simen Agdestein (2570), Einar Gausel (2501) and Jonathan Tisdall (2426), are also presented on his website.

Jon Ludvig Hammer (2636), who is as young as his compatriot Magnus Carlsen, was ranked as number 10 in FIDE’s Junior World Ranking in July 2010. Language: English.

Curt Hansen (2619) - Danish GM. The only Danish GM among the 100 best in the world is Peter Heine Nielsen (37/2697).

Pertti Lehikoinen - GM in correspondence chess from Finland.

Steffen Pedersen (2428) - IM from Denmark.

Axel Smith (2423) and Nils Grandelius (2515) – two young, promising, Swedish players administers this site pregnant with significance.


This category was originally created for the sake of Bobby Fischer (now dead), but there are other inactive players too.

Svetozar Gligoric (2447), born in 1923, became Grand Master in 1951. He has been champion of Yugoslavia no less than twelve times. Gligoric also worked several years as a chess journalist and organizer of chess tournaments. Language: English.

Garry Kasparov (2812) - a short and concise biography about the former World Champion in English from Wikipedia. Nowadays inactive as chess player. He is coaching Magnus Carlsen.

Garry Kasparov Biography - besides this biography you have the opportunity to play through a lot a games by Kasparov on this site. Kasparov is nowadays actively engaged in Russian politics. - this is Garry Kasparov´s official website, which contains everything possible, from his chess career and political activities to the sale of products carrying his name.


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Back to Basics in Chess Ratings - Royal Clifford Jones, Jr, has written this initiated essay about chess rating, primarily about the Elo System. About the latter he concludes: ” One is tempted to say that the system works despite its theory rather than because of it. The reputation of the Elo System, on the other hand, rests largely on its supposed ability to predict chess outcomes.” has a database with 46100 FIDE-registered players. You can use many different search criterions, such as age, title, sex, Elo change etcetera. It is also possible to follow the development of the rating of an individual chess player from 1990 to 2003. Language: German and English.

Chess Express Ratings ("CXR"), Chess Express Ratings ("CXR"), provides charts, graphs, and more than 30 statistics for each player, to highlight strengths, identify weak spots, and to track progress. Built-in Artificial Intelligence provides additional analysis and recommendations to the player. by Jeff Sonas, once statistical columnist for, have developed a new system for rating chess players, a system, which can be used to calculate annual historical ratings retroactively back to 1850. The database is very extensive. If you for example look for Paul Keres, you will find that he was the second best player in the world 31/12 1959 - 30/9 1960 with a top rating of 2716, that Samuel Reshevsky was number one 31/12 1938 etcetera.

Chess ratings - article by About.chess om about Elo´s rating system.

Chess Revue - Slovakian homepage, where you may compare the FIDE-Rating for players from different countries, for example the ten best players in Albania with the ten best ones in Algeria. Language also English.

Classement Bridier en liaison avec le classement ELO - the author discusses the Bridier ratingsystem, which ignores draws, and which is used by AJEC (Association des Joueurs d'Echecs par Correspondance). Language: French.

El calculo del Elo - article in Spanish, which explains the Elo system.

Arpad Elo developed the rating system which goes by his name and which was adopted by FIDE in 1970. Biographical article.

ELO Ratings System is explained on the playsite VOG.

FIDE´s rating list is the norm and its rating system is explained in the handbook.

Live Chess Ratings is dedicated to monitoring the top chess players in the world. You may review the latest games played by chessplayers rated 2700+.

Professional World Chess Ranking for players with an ELO above 2500 is made by Ken Thomson, New Jersey, and calculated by Vladimir Dvorkovich, Moskva. In what it differs from the FIDE list, I do not dare to tell.

Paul Muljadi lists ratings for young players below the age of 19 in the world.

Pinova has a rating list for both Swedish and Scanian players.

Ratings and Titles Explained - this FAQ by Jamie Duif Calvin explains how rating and titles in chess are earned.

The Edo Historical Chess Ratings system is a novel approach to the retroactive rating of chess players over time. Ratings over the whole period are calculated simultaneously by an iterative method (Bradley-Terry). J.H. Zukertort played for example at his best in 1878.

The Elo Rating System - A short introduction by Jan van der Steen. Article.

The Glicko system - professor Mark E. Glickman at the Boston university has developed an alternative rating system to that of Arpad Elo.

The Live Top List, which is managed by Hans Arild Runde, is an unofficial chess rating list, that intends to cover all players with a current, live rating above 2700 in the FIDE rating system. The official FIDE list is published 4 times each year, while this list is updated and published as games and tournaments are being played, typically with daily updates during tournaments featuring top players. Language: English.


Richard Brill has submitted a lot of photos of Kasparov, but also of Karpov, to the net. urges chess players all over the world to sign up to The Chess Fighter List. Signing up here is a matter of honour: as a Chess Fighter you promise not to offer draw or accept a draw offer unless it is a dead drawn ending. Initiator: Ari Ziegler. Languages: English and Swedish.

Chess meetup - if you leave your home country or home town for vacations, but still want to play a friendly game of chess, you might find an opponent via Chess meetup. Just now (9/7 2004) 1277 chess players in 651 cities around the world have registered at this agency.

Chess Oscar - since 1995 the Russian chess magazine ”64” has organized a voting about the best chess player of the year. The voting in 2003 was won by Viswanathan Anand. Language: English.

Chess Pics contains a lot of photos of chess players from the whole world, listing somewhat towards photogenique players – that is female players.

Chess Players United would like to create an effective, democratic and independent organization, which could gather professional players and also many people who work professionally in chess: trainers, journalists, computer programmers, organizers, etc.

Chess Title Requirements compiled by New South Wales Chess Association, Australia, about the requirements to obtain international titles, Grand Master etcetera. - Frits Agterdenbos´ primary goal is to provide the international chess community with high quality chess photos from international events.

Entrainement physique pour les tournois d´échecs, theorie et pratique - article by Greg Hinrichsen, originally written in 1993, about the importance of physical training before chess tournaments. Language: French.

GM Handles at ICC lists pseudonyms which various GM´s use at ICC.

GM Square´s Photo Gallery with a number of Grand Masters.

Historical Photographs contains scanned photographs of chess players from times gone by.

List of All Chess Players with the Grandmaster Title - when this list was compiled by Sam Sloan, there were 565 grandmasters, 5 players with the honorary grandmaster title, 102 players with the woman grandmaster title and one player with the honorary woman grandmaster title.

Momentoo Photography - Fred Lucas, Dutch photographer, sells pictures of famous chess players as wells as pictures from grand tournaments. Language: English.

Notzai´s Photo Section contains player photos from some of the tournaments during the latest years. Language: French.

Women of Chess - a photo gallery with young, female chess players.

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