Alvarez Castillo Editor - an Argentinean publishing house, that also publishes chess books. Language: Spanish.

Audio Chess, which is run by, Michael Basman, IM, has produced cassette tapes covering most of the frequently used opening systems and also many pioneering tapes on completely new lines.

Bad Bishop was formed in 2002 with the aim of revolutionising chess videos, which above all treat different chess openings. Grand masters like Murray Chandler and Tony Kosten are associated with the company.

Barnes &Nobles - big retailer. If you search for "chess", you will get more than 2000 titles.

Batsford is a well known English publisher of chess literature.

Cardoza Publishing is a big publisher, which produces a significant number of chess books.

Chess Central offers a limited number of free e-books for download, among other Bill Wall´s ”Off the Wall Chess Trivia”, chess curiosities.

Chessco International - big American publisher from Iowa, (Thinker´s Press), which also functions as a retailer.

Chess Digest, Inc is a big Texas-based chess publisher and retailer with about 2000 titles in stock.

Chess Informant, famous Yugoslavian publisher, publishes the latest tournament results from the most important matches. The matches are often annotated by the players themselves. Also electronic issues. Language also English.

Chess Multimedia publishes electronical chess books in four languages, namely English, French, Italian and Spanish. The first one is Yuri Averbach´s "Chess endings essential knowledge".

Chess publishes chess opening theory on the net. Subscription is necessary to use all eventual benefits.

Echessbooks sells electronic chess books - very limited selection.

Edition Olms - Swiss publisher, which has published Kasparov´s ”My great predecessors” in German, also publishes chess literature in English.

Éditions Payot & Rivages - a French publisher and supplier of chess books.

Editorial Paidotribo - Argentinean publisher, that also publishes chess literature.

Everyman Chess - English publisher of chess books for all standards from beginner to grandmaster.

Gambit Publications is a rather new English chess publisher with GM John Nunn and GM Murray Chandler as initiators.

Grandmaster Development is a New Jersey (USA) based company specializing in chess video publishing and chess teaching and training. President of Grandmaster Development is International Grandmaster Ron Henley.

H.H. Gross, American publisher, which among others has published a book by Lou Kent, who assumes that chess and business have much in common.

Harding Simpole Publishing - an English publisher. One of its mandates is “to rescue from oblivion any worthwhile publication by the pen of an acknowledged master of chess writing”, that is to publish chess books, which else are difficult to obtain.

humboldt - a German publisher, which also publishes chess books. sells video recordings from important tournaments and matches. Language: French.

Jonasson förlag publishes chess, cultural history and aesthetics. Language: Swedish.

Moravian Chess - Czech publisher, which besides new books also publishes reprints of older chess literature and chess magazines. Language: English.

Olibris is a small publisher, which devotes itself to publishing quality chess books in the French language.

Publishers Adresses contains a list of chess publishers and chess magazines.

Quality Chess - tired of bad positions? Test the main lines! Quality Chess was founded in 2004 by chess fans IM Ari Ziegler, GM Jacob Aagaard and GM John Shaw and the company is presently based in Glasgow.

Schachhaus Maedler - German publisher and retailer from Dresden, which among others publishes a serie of books about gambits. - Jens-Erik Rudolph Verlag publishes new editions of classical chess literature in the set “Schachklassiker“ in an up to date layout. Language: German.

Schach-Profi-Verlag Dreier - German publisher, which also enlists chess players from the Heidelberg/Karlsruhe area to write book reviews.

Schachverlag Kania - German publishing company, with 400 titles, which are shortly described, in store.

Schachzentrale Rattman is not only a retailer but also a big, German publisher of chess books. The company publishes among other books for example classics like Nimzowitsch "My system", and many other books. Schachzentrale Rattman furthermore produces their own chess pieces and boards.

Syzygy Publishing, Inc from Colorado, USA. The company, which was founded by Jim Bickford, published 19 chess book titles between 1974 and 1994 and has now resumed its publishing activity.

Verlag Chesscoach, the Saarlandic publisher, is run by Reinhold Ripperger and Mario Ziegler, dedicated players and coaches. Language: German.

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Manufacturers of chess equipment and such are listed here. However, manufacturers of software or manufacturers of products, which contain software, for example electronic chess boards, are listed in the category Chess software.

Ajedrez 3D manufactures three-dimensional, sculptural chess boards. The boards are primarily intended for collectors. Language: Spanish.

Aristocraft Exports - an Indian manufacturer of chess boards and pieces.

ArtCarved Chess Sets - Jim Arnold from Florida, USA, makes artistic, robust chess sets of wood. Every chess set is unique. He writes: ”My wooden, Art-Carved Chess Sets, are not only beautiful to look at, but also are meant to be played with.”

Cambor Enterprises is an American manufacturer, designer and direct importer of fine quality chess sets and chess boards.

Carollygames produces a chess game with triangular squares for two or three players. Languages: French and English.

Cédhé sells handmade board games, chess as well as checkers. Language: French.

Checkmate International - Indian manufacturer and exporter of pieces and chess boards in wood and other material. Exquisite handicraft. sells chess boards, clocks, apparels and so forth. - Polish producer of chess board and pieces. Language: English. - Vijay Sales Corporation from Jalandhar in India manufactures chess pieces and wooden crafts. - Indian manufacturer of chess boards and pieces. Extensive selection.

Chess Trader is a company, based in United Kingdom, specializing in tournament chess products which are manufactured at their factory in China and exported Worldwide.

Chopra Chess - Indian manufacturer and exporter of chess boards and pieces in wood. is, on their own statement, the biggest chess manufacturer in China. The assortment comprises everything from chess boards and chess pieces to – chess medals. - Alain Gaudry, French artist, has created this ambiguous chess set with effeminate chess pieces and an androgynous king. It just exists eight sets.

Electrald produces a chess clock, which corresponds to the technical requests of the France Chess Federation (FFE) and keeps the chess rules of FIDE. Languages: French, English, Spanish and Russian.

Emgaard – Karl-Johan Emgård manufactures handmade chess sets according to the desires of the customer. The board is made of tile and wood. The pieces are manufactured in clay with a weight in the bottoms for the sake of balance. He carries out all steps in the production personally. Language: Swedish.

Galerie d´art russe presents among other things exquisite chess pieces by the Russian sculptor Oleg Raïkis. Language: French.

Giant Chess manufactures gigant-sised chessmen in teak for outdoor use. The firm is located in Italy. Languages: The seven biggest in Europe.

Cécile Guédon, alias Jongleurs de Terre, creates and manufactures chess pieces inspired by the Middle Age. Language: French.

Ideas Deportivas Canarias is a family enterprise and a wholesaler, which Juan Ramón Jerez founded in 2003. IDC sells all kind of chess products, books in Spanish and English and well-known chess magazines as New in Chess and Chess Informant. The company also manufactures chess boards and is located on the Canaries. Language: Spanish.

Idopuz - Chinese manufacturer of sundry chess equipment. Language: English.

Industrias del Ajedrez in Sant Pere de Torelló in Spain manufactures chess pieces and boards. The company was founded in 1935 by two brothers, Gaspar and Josep Furnols, and their brother-in-law Josep Graseras, who like other local workers were fed up with the harsh conditions in the surrounding factories and started their own business instead.

Jintel in China manufactures and exports chess pieces, chess boards, chess bags and other chess accessories. Language: English.

J.S. Arts Work - Indian manufacturer with a wide range of chess boards and pieces, from travel sets to outdoors pieces.

J.W. Chess manufactures unique chess furniture. Their chess tables utilize patented "technology" to solve the age old problems created by unfinished or extended play chess matches in your home. What could not happen with the chess pieces, if you leave the room, while the cat remains?

Kalabalik - company in Karlsborgsverken, Sweden, which sells chess boards.

Kimson Handicraft - Vietnamese manufacturer, which among other things sells chess boards and pieces - the latter also made of horns from water buffalo. Language: English.

King of Chess - Slovakian manufacturer of chess boards and pieces.

Kompakt - Polish company, which sells chess boards and pieces of wood to wholesalers. Languages: English, German and French.

Kowloon Land Limited - Dutch wholesaler with its own production in China of chess clocks and orher basic chess products. Language: English.

Kumbula i Africa in Azania (South Africa) manufactures chess sets with tribal or animal motifs. In the latter case a lion and a lioness might play the part as king and queen.

Katherine Louise produces hand-made chess boards in various kinds of leather.

Mera-Poltik manufactures variuous kinds of precision instruments, including chess clocks; some of them are unusually beautifully designed. Languages: Polish, English and German.

Miss Boll Créations - beautiful art and handicraft on the chess theme. Even Alexandra Kosteniuk has tested to play on a chess board made out of Betty Ollier-Lopez. Language: French.

May Gifts.Co - Chinese company from Shanghai, that among other things sell chess boards in wood, glass and plastic. Foremost interested in recruiting retailers.

Queen - Stier Digital produces this chess clock. You can even use it for training purposes. Language: German.

Rension Manufacturer - Chinese manufacturer of chess boards and pieces. Languages: Chinese and English.

Tony Sinnett from West Sussex in England sells his own, handmade chess pieces.

Solid Harwood Summerville in New England builds fine-quality hand-made chess boards. The company has been in business since 2008.

Sticky Chess - if you want to play chess on the run (in the mountains for example). Board and pieces are manufactured in Velcro-style and the pieces never slide or fall over.

Thought Machines has constructed a table with an ”unique rotating board allowing easy 180 degrees perspective shift”. A prototype was used in connection with the match Kasparov versus X3D Fritz.

Pierre Tormos sells creative chess pieces and boards, that is handicraft. Hollywood stars as well as antique Romans has inspired different sets of chess pieces. Language: French.

Wegiel - Polish manufacturer of chess sets, boards and pieces, and ”used on the most chess tournaments in Europe”. Language: English.

Your Move Chess Crafts - handmade chess sets, unique chess pieces and wooden chess boards available to buy online. The enterprise is managed by a young couple from Southport in England.


Only chess literature - the biggest retailer of books on the net. If you search for "chess" on Amazon, you will get more than 2600 hits. If there really are so many chess books, is another question.

Chess Books - Tony Peterson sells secondhand or rare books and delivers worldwide.

Chess books for sale! - a site for chess lovers who are interested to buy or sell old and second-hand chess books.

Chess Books Onlinebooks about chess openings, middlegames and endgames and many other chess related topics.

Chess Digest offers a selection of chess books and magazines.

ChessPraxis, Canadian web site, which buys and sells chess books, also used ones.

Denksportboekhandel L´esprit - Flemish bookshop for brain games, including chess of course. Comprehensive assortment of antiquarian chess literature and magazines.

Fischerbooks - online sale of antiquarian chess books and magazines from ”down under”, Australia.

First Class Chess - British on-line sale of chess books.

Schachbücher bei - this German retailer is prepared to negotiate the price, if you find the same book to a lower price anywhere else, though the offer is probably only valid for chess books in German.

Tony Peterson from England sells used, rare and out-of-print chess books. Printed catalogues are issued three or four times a year.

The Alan Benson Chess Collection in California sells rare chess books.

The World Wide Web Chessboard Bookstore cooperates with and has an extensive collection of chess literature.

Kimmo Välkesalmi founded his antiquarian bookstore in 1987. He specialized in chess literature, because he used to play chess (his title is IM) and he also collects chess books. Languages: Finnish, Swedish and English.

Only chess software and computers

Doska Chess Supplies from Great Britain sells electronic chess boards and chess programs.

Intelligentgames - Italian retailer of electronical chess boards and handheld chess computers. - Danish retailer of chess software on the net.

The Chess Computer Store, that is based in Dayton (with the race-track), Ohio, is specialized in chess computers, above all Saitek and Excalibur.

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Both chess literature and -software

Ajesur in Andalusia, Spain, also has sale of chess literature, chess software and other chess equipment.

Australian Chess Enterprises - leading retailer of chess related items in Australia, that furthermore has a news section.

BK Chess - American one-man company with low prices.

Caissa - well-assorted Mexican retailer.

Chess & Bridges is a well-sorted British-American retailer, which also uses the name The London Chess Centre, that is connected with TWIC. - American retailer with wide range of chess books and chess software.

Chess Central is Pickard & Son´s website for chess. English publisher.

Chess Direct - British retailer of chessbooks as well as software.

Chess Express - well-stocked retailer.

Chess Forum - well-assorted retailer on Manhattan in New York.

Chesshouse - Skakhuset shall not be confused with The Chess House (see below) Chesshouse - Skakhuset was started by Alberth Neess 1947 and was overtaken by Stellan Persson 1973. Post address in Denmark - URL-address in Sweden. Sells also used and antiquarian chess books.

Chessmaze International offers a wide range of chess sets, chessboards and tables, chess computers, chess video, chess books and much more.

Chess Piece is "best known" for their "custom-carved character chess pieces purchased by and for chess players and collectors alike". The company also sells chess computers and other chess equipment.

Chesstopia - American retailer from Cleveland, Ohio. The proprietor, Peter M. Surace, has been the Chess Club Advisor at Cuyahoga Community College for the past 30 years.

ChessWare Online Shop - German retailer with a diversified assortment.

Chess World and Chess Express in USA also sells used books and has a chess problem section.

De Denksportkampion - Belgian company that offers a wide range of chess equipment. Language: Flemish.

Elektroschach-Onlineshop, which is managed by Heide and Hans-Peter Ketterling, is above all well-assorted regarding chess software and other chess equipment. Language: German.

EuroChess Zentrale runs a mail-order sale of chess books and utilities with more than 30000 items in stock and functions as a wholesaler for bookshops. Language: German.

Euro Schach Dresden - well-assorted German retailer.

Exadrez - Brazilian site, which sells both chess software and literature.

Gardiner Chess from Queensland, Australien, well-assorted concerning chess equipment, literature and software, but the company also tries to promote chess in other ways.

Grandmaster Corner has not only sale but also many links to free software.

HJ Chess Import, Danish retailer.

Joachim Beyer Verlag - German company, which sells chess books, software and different chess items. Language: German.

KVM - Czech online chess shop. Language also English.

L´Académie des Jeux - French retailer from Lyon sells all kind of chess equipment, including portable chess computers and software.

La casa del ajedrez - Spanish retailer, that has been present on the net since February 2002. Languages: Spanish, English and German.

Le Monde des Échecs - French retailer of mainly chess software, electronic chess boards and various chess equipment.

Le Torri has anything about chess. 1500 book titles in store for example. Languages: Italian and English.

Librería Seneca, situated in Barcelona, Catalonia, sells anything concerning chess. Language: Spanish.

Omcor - Mexican retailer with a broad assortment.

Prisma Scacchi - well-assorted Italian retailer.

SchachDepot sells chess books as well as software and other equipment. Languages: German and English.

Schachland - a big chess store on the net. Language: German.

Schachshop - Swiss retailer with a varied selection. Language: German.

Schachvertrieb Niggemann - a well-stocked German retailer of everything that concerns chess. Languages: German and English.

Shakkitori Oy has everything within chess and is, according to themselves, the biggest Finnish retailer. Homepage in Finnish, but service is also given in Swedish, English and Spanish.

Sig´s Chess from Florida sells chess literature, chess equipment as well as chess software.

Sjakkbutikken in Norway is well-assorted with everything concerning chess.

Sjakk-shop - Norwegian chess shop ”for chess lovers” with an allround sortiment.

Smartchess seems to have an extensive chess stock. Both Anatoly Karpov and Irina Krush have their home pages connected to Smartchess.

Strategy Games - chess retailer in Canada: stores in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa.

Svenska Schackbutiken (former Schack-Kompaniet) is managed by IM Ari Ziegler, in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Sölvkongen - Norwegian retailer of chess related items.

The Chess Forum - club, shop and café in New York.

The Chess House - an American retailer of chess products since 28 years.

The Chess Store on the American West Coast sells all kinds of chess equipment and literature. – a new (20/9 2008) chess store from München, Germany, sells above all chess DVDs and chess books

WeizenkornLegende provides exclusive chess sets, chess books and chess clocks for private customers, clubs and federations. Their chess gifts made of ceramics are ”unique”. Language: German.

Ventajedrez - well-assorted Argentinean retailer on Internet. Language: Spanish. - well-stocked British web shop for chess.

Your Move Chess & Games is "the Internet´s largest and most visited chess shopping site".

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Chess equipment and various

A1Chess Sets & Clocks - American company, which sells various chess equipment.

Ajedrez Ayala is marketing an avant-garde chess board, that is three boards in one, and the only ones that permit three players to play against each other simultaneously. You play with both colours using standard chess rules. According to the product information this represents both an evolution and a challenge for every chess player. Language: Spanish. sells handmade, decorative and classical chess sets.

Al Shatrandj - a commercial site so far focusing in upmarket chess equipment and collectors chess sets, but also books etcetera. Languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English.

All the King´s Men - American retailer of chess boards and pieces from New Yersey.

American Chess Equipment in California has been in business of selling chess equipment for over 25 years.

American Chess Store offers a great collection of hand carved highly collectible chess games.

Ancient sells standard chess sets as well as Asian chess games as Shogi. Besides the website contains interesting stuff about the history of chess.

Ancient Games is located in Southern Florida. The company, which has been in business in ten years, sells sundry chess equipment.

Andromeda Enterprise sells modernistic chess boards.

Baltic Chess Group offers for sell everything related to chess. Languages: Estonian, Russian and English.

Black Chess Tables - Game Table Showroom sells tables for chess and other games.

Braroe Chess - American retailer of chess equipment, chess handhelds and electronic chess boards.

Bulldog Pub and Den Accessories - Canadian retailer of chess boards and pieces. sells various gears, T-shirts, clocks etcetera with chess motifs.

Caissa Chess Shop, managed by Jurij Zezulkin, has more than 1000 products in its assortment.

Cajunchess - American retailer in New Orléans, Louisiana, with chiefly chess equipment.

Centro Integral de Ajedrez sells chess equipment all over Mexico. Some chess sets can not be found outside Mexico. Language: Spanish.

Chess and More, retailer based in Florida, has been in business in ten years. Both chess equipment and "more".

Chess Baron offers chess sets and 400 other chess items. According to Chess Baron the company is a straightforward, honest and innovative chess retailer serving the chess market. It is situated in the UK and delivers worldwide.

Chess Coach Store - American retailer of chess equipment, especially for chess coaches, teachers and tournament players. sells chess boards and other utilities. also offers free webspace for chess related websites.

Chess for Students - mostly chess literature.

Chess Master Games sells all sort of chess equipment. There is also a newsletter.

Chess Point Switzerland - a Swiss family company, that offers ”an extensive but yet well-arranged range of chess items and services.” Language: German. from Arizona sells traditional and unusual chess sets, as well as chess boards, chess tables and other chess equipment. - all about the game of chess, chess set pieces and the history of themed chess sets. Buy chess sets you will want to keep.

Chess Sets and Boards, located in the US, sells all kinds of chess sets, including thematic chess sets and large chess boards intended for outdoor use. alleges that the company is the premier retailer of chess sets in the world and that you will find the widest selection of chess sets at the lowest prices!

Chess Sets Gallery sells chess boards and pieces manufactured in Russia. Handicraft.

Chess Sets Plusspecialty retailer of chess sets, chess pieces, chess boards, and other games. “Great Prices, Great Service, & Free Shipping!”

Chess-Store Schachspiel24 is a retailer ”with an ever-increasing supply and advantageous prices”. Language: German.

Chess Timer "Silver" is recommended by the European Chess Union. Manuals in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian and Czech.

Chess World has, according to the company, been the only dedicated chess shop in Melbourne for the past 11 years. The shop boast a huge range (over 200) of chess sets and boards.

ChessZoom sells a lot of different chess boards and pieces.

Classic Chess And Games specializes in portable chess computers. Large assortment. sells chess sets and various accessories.

Discount Chess Shop, American online-shop from Ohio, has selected all their ”items with the tournament chess player in mind”.

Distribuciones Alekhine - a Mexican company, which offers to sell a broad assortment of chess sets, chess clocks, books, demonstration boards and chess software.

La boutique ECHEC et MATériel sells books, workbooks and software, related to chess education and training to improve your chess skill, as well as all sorts of equipment. Language: French.

Farscape Games Ltd also sells chess equipment: pieces, boards and accessories.

Firebrand Chess from Georgetown in Texas sells chess equipment and chess computers.

Hawley´s Billiards Gallery sells some chess equipment too.

House of Jacques in the state of New York with a large assortment of boards and pieces.

iSchach sells chess books, chess videos, chess software and playing equipment. Language: German

Knights and Pawns is a small company dedicated to providing high quality, artistic chess sets for collectors and chess enthusiasts at a reasonable price.

Le Damier de l´Opera - Parisian specialist in chess pieces since 30 years.

Legend Products sells chess boards.

Le Palais des Echecs, based in France, has recently (2010) launched an online shop dedicated to chess sets. The webshop offers around 200 items with several themes and of course all related accessories.

Made in Firenze sells among other things chess equipment, foremost chess boards and pieces. It is not exactly cheap. 150 different items in store. Language: English.

MagnateGames - American company from Illinois, which sells electronic chess sets as well as other chess equipment.

Marchand - Belgian retailer of chess equipment and software with a shop in Brussels. Language: French.

My Chess Set is offering a wide variety of chess sets, boards, individual chess men, clocks, chess tables and components. also sells handicraft chess boards and pieces, manufactured in Russia and Ukraine, from $ 28 to $ 400. Language: English.

Nobel Move sells a chess set with beautiful pieces. Seven percent of the profits go to a selected aid project. Language: German.

PHM webshop - Swedish retailer of mechanical and electronical chess clocks from Gardé-Ruhla, one of Germany´s oldest manufacturers of clocks.

Premier Chess Sets in Georgia, USA, sells wooden chess sets, chess tables and electronic chess. - Classic, Theme, or Travel Chess Sets and More. offers a wide range of chess sets, chess pieces and related products.

Rechapados Ferrer sells chess boards. Exquisitely designed homepage. Language: Spanish and English.

Rochester Chess Center, American firm, which mostly sells different chess utilities.

Dermot Rochford, a collector, who sells antique chess sets and related items. He also gives some pieces of advices about what a new collector should consider. sells chess boards and pieces. Genuine handicraft. Language: Italian. sells chess sets, chess pieces, chess boards and chess clocks. Language: German. sells chess games, board games and party games as well as various chess equipment. Language: German.

Schachparadies - Swiss chess shop, which is managed by Stephan Bonauer, and which sells a wide range of chess items, including club material, new and antiquarian chess books and stamps. Language: German.

Schach- und Münzfirma Fruth - here you can find a little of everything concerning the game of chess, from antiquarian chess literature to modern software and various items for the collector as for example post cards, signed by chess players. Language: German.

Schachverlag Dreländereck has mainly chess equipment. Language: German.

Specialty Chess Sets - American retailer for a “large variety of unique, high quality chess sets from around the world”. sells chess sets and other chess equipment. How about a wine set, including screwdriver and so on, with an integrated chess board? Language: German.

Sunrise - Polish website, which among other things, sells hand-made chess pieces and boards. Language: English. sells chess boards and other chess utilities.

The Collectors Shop - British retailer, who sells chess sets, but also wooden rocking horses and pedal cars.

The House of Staunton sells chess boards and pieces, even pieces made by mammoth ivory...

The Mark of Westminister - chess pieces, which are manufactured by Abbey Chess Products.

The Regency Chess Company is a chess shop near Bath, England, selling chess sets and accessories. The company has even produced "The Bath Chess set" as a limited edition.

The Royal Chessboard - retailer in Tennessee, USA, has also an associated chess club.

Thinker Games - American online shop, specialized in chess boards and pieces.

TMI Shakeril - the biggest retailer of board games according to themselves, including chess equipment and literature, in Finland. Languages: Finnish and English.

Toy Box 2000 has a link collection to all kinds of chess equipment, probably more specialized than this link collection in this respect.

Variantes - French retailer with a big assortment of portable chess computers.

Ventajedrez - an Argentinean company, founded in 2003 by the international arbitrer Leandro Ariel Plotinsky, sells most in the way of chess. Language: Spanish. from Arizona, USA, sells chess pieces, chess boards, chess books and chess software. New content is added all the time.

Wholesale Chess - American retailer of chess equipment.

Village Italy, Italian web site, which amongst others sells artistic chess boards. sells chess sets and accessories. Language: German. has totally about 200 chess items, boards, pieces and other accessories in their wide range.

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