An inherent problem in link collections is of course - broken links. I intend to regularly supervise The Chess Portal with a special program, Xenu´s Link Sleuth , which by the way is free, to get a view about which links are broken. But I have still to control the reported broken links manually, which is a time-consuming work. Links, which apparently are broken, will little by little be transferred to this section while waiting on information about what has happened with these sites. After still further time the links will be removed all together.

If, on the other hand, visitors to The Chess Portal report a broken link, and besides know the correct address, the wrong one will be corrected at once.

These links are broken, but remain on their usual places:

These links have been removed from their usual places: - this fan page follows the career of Magnus Carlsen, the Norwegian wonderboy. Language Norwegian, but partly in English and German. (16/2 2010)

Schacknyheter delivers chess courses via SN Academy. Language: Swedish. (2/2 2010).

Schacknyheter had previously an allround coverage of chess, certainly in level with the best international sites. Nowadays Schacknyheter just functions as a site, where you may order CD-Roms with courses, games and chess magazines. Sometimes Schacknyheter also arranges live transmissions from bigger Swedish chess tournaments. Language: Swedish. (2/2 2010)

MiniMonrad is a chess tournament pairing program according to the Monrad system. Free program by Mats Winther. Language: Swedish. (24/5 2009)

Tigran Petrosian (1929 - 1984) is presented by Mats Winther. Language: Swedish. (24/5 2009)

Chess software and chess computers by Mats Winther analyzes above all chess databases. Good site, but it is a pity that the site is not so often updated any longer. Language: Swedish. (24/5 2009)

Chess Calendar - Czech tournament calendar. Languages: Czech and English.

Chess Challenge - the Swedish Chess Federation and Folkspel introduced this playsite on January 25 in 2005. There is a need for a serious Swedish chess playsite. The design is very attractive. You have to download a plug-in, Shockwave 10 Player. However, the playsite is still on the beta stadium, and the interface does not function perfectly yet. I hope the initial problems will be solved soon.

Max Euwe - world champion 1935 - 1937. Said Bobby Fischer after meeting Max Euwe, “That man is too normal. There must be something wrong with him.” Language: English. (29/12 2007)

Alexandre Le Siège - GM from Canada - has a nice home page. Language: French. (17/8 2007)

Magnus Carlsen (24/2690) - Norwegian supertalent, who played against Norway and the rest of the world on Internet spring-summer 2002, when he was twelve years old. Organizers: Nettavisen och TV2 Norge (Norway). Result: Draw. Grand Master since 2004 - now the best Nordic player. There is already a biography about him, ”Wonderboy” (published by New In Chess), written by GM Simen Agdestein, who also has coached Carlsen. (23/7 2007)

Gallery of Female Players - a gallery with female players. Female chess players have really advanced since the second World War with Judith Polgar as leading star. (30/5 2007)

Schach-Klubmanager 6.21 - an administration program for chess clubs. Language: German. (29/4 2007)

Fritz Book Conversion Utilities - program, which converts Fritz opening books to formats, which are used in other programs. (2/12 2006)

Chess Dragon - free chess database with many different search criterions. Besides you can install WinBoard compatible chess engines, for example Crafty, to play against or analyse with. The site is not maintained any longer. (4/6 2006) is Garry Kasparov´s new, official homepage, supporting ”My great predecessors”, his well-known series of books about the great chess players of past and present. This is a non-profit, educational site, encouraging debate and research and keeping you posted on the latest information about the books. (20/5 2006)

Garry Kasparov (1/2812), world champion 1985 – 2000, but still the highest ranked player in the world, has a new, official homepage, - see description above! (20/5 2006)

Ajedrez 21 is a playsite with Spanish as main language, but other languages such as English, French, German etcetera are also used. Most of the players come from Spanish-speaking areas. The interface is beautiful and functions well. But the initial rating of 1800 is too generous. 459 players were logged in simultaneously. 11.25 P.M. (Central European time is used here and in all other cases) the 9/8 2002. Free! The playsite has been incorporated in ICC, but the site is now a chess portal. See new link and description. (24/4 2006) - brand new playsite for real-time chess online. Good-looking interface (FileMate´s), but with complicated functions. Private project - free for the moment. Initial members who are instrumental in the growth of the playsite will be rewarded with extended (up to lifetime) memberships. The webmaster has resigned. (24/6 2005)

Canadian Online Chess Review - the purpose of this system, is provide webmasters or users, who operate or want to operate an online chess system, the chance to demo programs that become available before installing them on their system. (19/3 2005)

Ajedrez en Pontevedra reports above all about the chess activity in Pontevedra, Galicia, in northwest Spain. The town has no less than four chess clubs. The page is taking a rest indefinitely. (4/3 2005) is a fan page - by Peter Pasho. The site has expired - domain name for sale. (29/11 2004)

Alle Fernschach-Weltmeister - Stefan Rörich has compiled information about all correspondence chess world champions since 1953. Their games may also be downloaded. Language: German. (19/11 2004), a Brasilian chess portal, has a link collection too. Language Portuguese, but there is a slimmed English version. A general portal now. (9/7 2004)

BCC Chess Game Server - The 11/4 2001 577 players had registered since the 21st of January 2001. See! (11/06 2004)

Bucknell´s Chess Openings Library with short descriptions of every opening. (21/12 2003)

Schach-Weltmeister has collected games from all World Chess Champions from Wilhelm Steinitz to Alexander Khalifman. (24/11 2003)

Excite Games has also had a chess section. A graphical interface from Pogo was used, which means that you place yourself in a "room" and then at a "table". 1482 players were logged in 11.59 P.M. the 11/4 2001. Free! But the chess section seem to have disappeared, when Excite went broke... (5/11 2003)

FIDE Game Zone - 27 players were logged in at the same time. 9.25 P.M. the 10/4 2001. Free! (18/8 2003)

KC Magazine Index - KasparovChess index with articles, interviews and analyses. Broken link. (31/7 2003) - web hotel for chess fans, who plan to build their own home pages. Free, but you have to put at least one banner on your front page. The site has changed into a general portal. (31/7 2003) offers free webspace for chess related websites. There is no such offer anymore. (31/7 2003)

FIDE:S Chess Banner Network is an exchange service for chess banners. Your page will be advertised on those websites, which are members of the network, while you let them advertise on yours. (30/5 2003) functions as a sort of search service, among other things about chess. It seems presently to be just a general portal. (27/5 2003)

New in Chess - has more than 2000 links, one of the most extensive link collections on the net. The Chess Portal is registered. Weekly updated. Certainly worth a visit. The link collection seem to have disappeared. (27/5 2003)

Gambit-soft is the leading retailer of chess software in Europe on internet. The different programs are presented comprehensively. There is also a review section and a computer chess forum. (20/5 2003)

Chess in Iceland is a well designed home page, which is not updated regularly any longer. Broken link. (3/5 2003)

Fianchetto - American link collection under construction. 635 chess resources listed 12/12 2001. The linked homepage is shortly presented - icon for link and e-mail address. The chess link collection seems to have vanished - in stead there is a common portal. (29/4 2003)

FIDE:s link collection is very comprehensive - 1465 links the 1st of March 2001. Most important for a link collector is almost FIDE´s Top Chess Sites, which counts visits on the chess site, which have been registered on TCS. Because of that you can get an opinion of which chess sites, which are most frequented on Internet. Besides newly registered chess sites are shown continuosly keeping one à jour with new chess sites. FIDE has a new site, but without a link collection. (19/3 2003)

KasparovChess - This playsite is not so bad, apart from that I have not seen any tournaments and that the interface is too pale. This playsite will certainly be improved to become competive. The average playing strenght is about the same as on and WCN. 771 players were logged in 9.54 P.M. the 5/1 2002.The number of players has been steadily growing on this playsite. Free so far. The playsite has begun to function again (17/12 2002). Problem with the connection - maybe permanent. (3/1 2003) See remark below! (8/2 2003)

Kasparov Chess is the most advanced chess portal on the net. The portal has many functions, match- and tournament coverage, often with focus on Kasparov himself, chess news, tutorials, chess problems, chat and even a playsite. But the playsite can not still compete with ICC or KasparovChess also has a Champions Club. The membership costs about 5 dollar monthly and offers opportunity of playing blitz- or simultan matches against grand masters, for example Vladimir Kramnik or Judith Polgar. KasparovChess also has a well shaped daily newsletter. It is really a professionally designed website. Only the playsite functions just now (17/12 2002). Kasparov Chess has run into financial problems. According to some information Kasparov himself has ordered the shut-down of the website because of an unpaid loan to an Israeli bank. The playsite does not function at the moment. (3/1 2003)

Kasparov Chess publishes Chess Wire, a daily, entertaining and well designed newsletter, which contains some chess news, a chess problem and some trivia. There are also two pay-letters, one aimed at beginners and amateur players, and one at more advanced players. (3/1 2003)

Online Chess Openings Library - the openings can be replayed by a webbased program. (12/12 2002)

French (1. e4 e6 2.d4 d5), is regarded to have been developed by Aaron Nimsowitsch, who is presented on this page. (12/12 2002) - well-frequented Brasilian site. Language: Portuguese. (10/12 2002)

Checkmate seems to be under construction, because the content is thin. The site is down. (10/12 2002)

Achess wants to improve your chess play. There are master games to analyse, opening analyses and dayly chess problems. New website. (10/12 2002)

Chessking presents a number of lessons about elementary things in chess. Sort of a common portal now. (10/12 2002)

Evan´s Chess Webpage is especially intended for beginners, who want to learn how to play chess and improve their chess knowledge. (10/12 2002) offers also chess courses. GM Rohde appears to be involved here too. (10/12 2002)

The Rules of Chess - down at the moment. (10/12 2002)

Alternative Chess Openings is managed by Nick Cummings. The openings which are treated, are Sicilian, French, Pirc, Alekhin and Caro-Kann. Broken link. (6/12 2002) has a lot of stuff about openings, especially for beginners. (26/10/2002)

Komputer Korner also specializes in reviews, which kept a high standard, of chess software. The page was created by Alan Tomalty from Canada, which could not continue to run it out of personal reasons. The page is now run by Harald Faber from Germany. (13/10 2002)

Hemsoft Chess Page has games from the end of the nineties. (1/10 2002)

Gambit-Soft is a foremost retailer of chess software. The product information is comprehensive. Gambit Soft also has the most extensive collection of shareware and freeware programs, hundreds in fact, on the net. Chess computer news is published almost daily. There is also a review department of chess software and a discussion forum about chess programs. Broken link. Removed from "Favorites". (9/9 2002)

I-Chess 1.2 is a client to internet or a local network. The present version is free - a new version is announced. The program has changed name to ChessRally, which also is listed in Chess software/Clients. (7/9 2002)

Chessgate arranges and organizes e-mail chess. (21/8 2002)

Fernschach - German site dedicated to correspondence chess. (18/8 2002) has 39 links to sites about chess programming. (5/8 2002)

Bowili has been constructed by Konrad Demmel. The latest version is from September 1999. Mediocre program. (5/8 2002)

Extreme Mate, which is run by Arturo Ochoa and Sergio Martínez, aims among other things to make WinBoard known in the Ibero-American world. Language: English. Broken link. (5/8 2002) once was a very good link collection, a tough competitor to Chessopolis, but after a sale - and at last this site was incorporated in Brain Games Network - this site has not developed any more. (4/8 2002)

Playing on the Internet - has a list of playsites, a bit aged with some broken links. (1/8 2002)

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