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A chess legend - according to this legend the Indian king wanted to test the intelligence of the Persians by sending them the game of chess. A wise Persian found out the rules of chess and the Persians responded the Indians by sending them another game, but the Indians could never reveal the secrets of this game, which besides has disappeared. Language: English.

Ancient Chess.com sells standard chess sets as well as Asian chess games as Shogi. Besides the website contains interesting stuff about the history of chess.

Another View on Chess - Jean-Louis Cazaux discusses the question about the history of chess and launches the theory that chess arose as a sort of hybrid game based on eastern as well as western influences. Languages: French and English.


Harald E. Balló publishes historical works about chess, among others about Siegbert Tarrasch, on his site. Main language German.

Peter Banaschak has published parts of his thesis, ”Schachspiele in Ostasien” (”Chess Games in East Asia”), on the net. Languages: German and English.

Battle Royale - the 1924 New York International Chess Tournament. The body of information from this tournament is so huge that it could never be published in paper book form. On the other hand there is this e-book with texts and downloadable games.

caissa schach-kronik - since more than 150 years the elite in the chess world fight for titles, tournament victories and rating points. You can find the most important events and tables and many reports on the caissa schach-kronik. Rather unique web site. Language: German.

Capablanca versus Nimzowitsch - a report about a heated meeting, which was not limited to the chess board, between them.

Carolus Chess contains chess history, research and anecdotes. The name is inspired by Charlemagne (Carolus Magnus), who received a chess set from Harun al-Rashid (famous from “The Book of One Thousand and One Nights”) in the year 801. The rest is just chess history.

Chaturanga - Philippe Kesmaecker´s page, mostly about chess history, contains a new, original approach. You may click on points along a time axis, which is arbitrarily divided in different periods, and chess games from respective period are displayed. Language: French.

Chess Archeology with many articles.

Chess Automatons - during the 19th century some people created mystifying mechanical wonders that played chess. The most well-known machine was “The Turk”, a bluff of course.

ChessEBook - here you’ll be able to look through all games of World Chess Championships as well as biographies of all World Champions. Languages: English, German and Russian.

Chess history - a comprehensive timeline: an article about the history of chess up to the beginning of the 19th century.

Chess History Center is "intended as a navigation center for everybody with a serious interest in chess history ".

Chess History on the Web - Recommended sites by Mark Weeks, who now functions as a Chess guide at About.com Chess.

Chess, Iranian or Indian invention? - most chess historians think that the game of chess was invented in India, from Chaturanga, but here are alternative theories. This article pleads for chess coming up in Iran.

Chess Tournament and Chess History, created by Glenn Giffen, contains informations from the most important tournaments and matches since 1834 and ahead. The games from those events may occasionally be downloaded - or there are links to relevant download sites. Moreover there are a great number of short player biographies. Very informative site.

Chronology of chess by Bill Wall starts at the year 224 and goes to 1999.

Computer History Museum is opening a new physical and online exhibition on computer chess in Mountain View, California in September this year (2005). It follows a chronological plan from Turing and Shannon to the development of PC chess software and the drama of Deep Blue.

Das Schachmuseum Löberitz is based on local traditions going back to 1871. Language: German.

Ein Ausflug in die Geschichte des Schach-Spiels - an excursion into the history of chess. By AKG Schach-AG. Language: German.

Eine Geschichte des Schachspiels - a lecture/article about chess history by Stefan Nehrkorn from 1996. Language: German.

Enchanted Chessmen is a library in the public library of Cleveland, Ohio, with a collection of more than 2000 chessmen, which you also may study on the web.

Escacultura - this blog is primarily about the cultural history of chess. Language: Spanish.

Heritage Echecs Francais - the webmaster devotes this site to his passion for chess history, especially French chess history. Language: French.

Hipermoderno - this web page wants to disseminate knowledge about the development of chess, which took place in the beginning of the 20th century, especially the hypermodern period, when a number of eminent chess players were ready to diametrically change the positional game, at that time dominated by the orthodox dogmas of Tarrasch and Steinitz. The founder of this new age was the genial Aaron Nimzovich, later followed by Réti, Breyer, Grünfeld, Tartakower, Colle, Sämisch, Abonyi, Kmoch, etc. Language: Spanish.

Historia del Ajedrez - comprehensive chess history in Spanish on the net. "The unknown inventors of chess wished in their way to create a model of a military society, where the sacrifice, the loyalty to the ruler and the belligerent spirit really counted" (in free translation).

Historia del Ajedrez contains a short chess history, a list of chess world champions with some biographies and presentations of a limited number of openings.

Historia del Ajedrez en Argentina - about the history of chess in Argentine before and after 1920. Language: Spanish.

History Of Chess in The Middle Ages - an article compiled from Encyklopedia of Chess.

Information Center: World Wide Chess Archive has carefully selected a number of links to valuable material on the world wide web. This material might interest a serious researcher.

La grande storia degli scacchi - more than 500 pages of chess history from the whole world with cross-tables and biographies since 1850. Main language Italian, but parts are translated to English.

Les Jardins de Caïssa deals with Belgian chess history. Language: French.

Les origines de jeu d´échecs discusses the origin of chess and its relation to a stage in the development of Indian warfare, then a army consisted of four parts, ”arms”, namely infantry, chariots, cavalry and elephants. Language: French.

Libro del Acedrex, compiled in 1283 on behalf of the Castilian king Alfonzo X, was the first book in an European language, that is Spanish, which treats the rules of chess. An English translation has also been submitted to the Web.

Long Island Chess Museum - the museum has incorporated Chess Collectors International, which has a mailing list with nearly 2000 members.

Mark Lowery´s Exiting World of Chess contains an article about the origin of chess.

Max Euwe Centrum endeavours to promote the game of chess, principally through courses and training sessions. Languages: Dutch, English and German.

Paul Morphy – the pride and the sorrow of chess - Matt Fullerty is at work on The Pride and the Sorrow, a novel about the live of New Orleans chess player Paul Murphy.

OlimpBase is devoted to the history of the chess olympiads from 1924 onwards. The game collection is not yet complete. The database contains full tournament and players statistics, overall and for each event separately. Compiled by Wojciech Bartelski from Poland. Language: English.


Origin and Evolution of Chess by Alex Kraaijeveld discuss the origin of chess. Article.

Previous Chess Rules - a short article about how the chess rules and the moves of the chess pieces have changed since the 12th century.

Schachgeschichte und Geschichten functions mainly as a link collection to chess history and stories. There are also many words of wisdom, proverbs, anecdotes and aphorisms about chess on this page. Language: German.

Schach – Ursprung und Metamorphose - a historical exposition in 16 sections of text about the development of chess up to the present way of playing chess. ”The game of chess is like a sea, where a mosquito can bath and an elephant can drown.” Language: German.

Schackets Kulturhistoriska Sällskap has as its aim to stimulate the interest for the cultural history of chess. Language: Swedish.

Schackterminologins historia (History of Chess Terminology) - thesis at the university of Gothenburg, which describes the development of Swedish chess terminology from 1770 to the beginning of the twentieth century, when the Swedish chess terminology is regarded to have got its final form. PDF-File.

Schweizer Schachmuseum is a museum in real life, which takes up 25 rooms. The museum aims to bring the game of chess closer to the visitors. It treats questions as “game and sport” and presents the greatest chess players from the present times as well as the past. Language: German.

Sjakkgudinnen Caissas kulturmagasin gives you the adventures, the myths and the history about chess - the most peaceful wargame in the world. Norwegian site.

Sthig Johansson writes essays about the cultural history of chess. Language: Swedish.

The Arab Role in the Development of Chess - in this article, that is published on the homepage of Al Shindagah, the author discuss the contribution of the Arab world to the development of chess on its way westward from Persia. He mentions blindfold chess, tournaments and the build-up of chess literature. Language: English.

The Chess Family - History and Useful Information treats chess and related games.

The Immortal Game was played between Adolf Anderssen and Lionel Kieseritzky in London on 21 June 1851. The Immortal Game was an informal one, played during a break in a formal tournament. Kieseritzky was very impressed when the game was over, and telegraphed the moves of the game to his Parisian chess club. This game was nicknamed "The Immortal Game" in 1855 by the Austrian Ernst Falkbeer.

The Lewis Chessmen were probably made in Norway, about AD 1150-1200, and found on the Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland in 1831. You will now find them at the British Museum in London and at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

The Morales of Chess - article by Benjamin Franklin about chess.

The Origins of Chess by Gerhard Josten.

US Chess Hall of Fame with focus mainly on American chess history.

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3x3 Chess - this game of chess is enacted on a 3x3 board. The website contains a number of mate exercises. In fact there are 304545552 legal positions in 3x3 chess!

Advanced Chess is a relatively new form of chess, first introduced by grandmaster Garry Kasparov, with the objective of a human player and a chess computer program joining their forces and competing as a team against each other. Regular Advanced Chess events, thrice won by Viswanathan Anand, were held in Leon, Spain, during the years 1999 – 2002.

Ajedrez Jubilado is about the chess variant known in English as "retired" chess. Each player starts with a king and eight pawns. In this version the pawns can only be promoted to rooks. You can play this variant on Open Games. Languages: Spanish and English.

Anders Ebenfelt´s Bughouse Page treats bughouse, a chess variant, played by two teams. Both teams consist of two players and bughouse is played on two boards. There are different rules, but one player has black and the other white in each team. If a player takes a piece, he gives it to his partner, who can use the piece on his board. As soon as a player is checkmated, the game is over.

Basic Chess - when the game starts, the pawns and rooks are on their usual squares. The first six moves are used to put the remaining pieces on the board – given certain limitations.

Bughouse Links lists bughouse resources on the net.

Bughouse.net contains comprehensive information about bughouse, match- and tournament coverage and necessary software. Broken link?

Chess960 - alle Grundstellungen auf einen Blick – all starting positions in Chess960 are graphically displayed by Heinz Uhl. The pictures speak for themselves.

chess-960.org is creating a database with Chess 960-games (Chess 960 = Fischer Random Chess). There is also a generator, that creates a starting position out of 960 possible positions at random. Language: German.

Chess Empire is a game that can be played with two, three, or four players at the same time. The game contains 112 pieces (4 x 28) maximally with one piece invention, the spy, and some new ways of moving for the traditional chessmen.

Chess in Colour - this chess variant has an ”unique approach”. A good move is when pieces of the same kind are exchanged and both removed from the board.

ChessV is a universal chess program designed to be capable of playing a (potentially) unlimited number of chess variants. It provides support for opening books, pawn structure hash tables, and other features of commercial chess programs. Free.

Chessvariants contains exhaustive information about different variants of chess.

Chess Variant Applets demonstrates a number of different chess variants.

Czech INFO web about double chess - Bughouse double chess is a chess variant that involves two boards placed side by side, two sets, four players, and two clocks. The players sitting side by side are partners and play opposite colours. When you capture a piece, you give it to your partner. When it's your turn, you can either move one of your onboard pieces, or drop one of your offboard pieces on an empty square. Your team loses if you get checkmated or run out of time. Download a client and start playing! Languages: English and Czech.

Das Kurierschach/Kurierspiel is a chess variant from Central Europe, documented from the 14th century, and has recently been revived. The board contains 12 x 8 squares, which also implies more pieces than in standard chess and somewhat different rules. The game is sold by Brettspielprofi. Language: German.

Gerd P. Degens has developed two new chess variants , PowerChess and Chess 69, because he feels that the usual chess board is not totally optimized. It means for example that the bishops can change colour diagonal through transfer fields. Language: German and English.

Errant Fischer´s Bughouse Page, who does not know if he shall thank or curse the Internet for reawakening his interest in the chess variant called bughouse.

Fischer Random Chess explains the rules in this chess variant developed by Bobby Fischer. The pawns remain on their usual places, while the chessmen at the first and the eight rank may be placed at random. However the king must stand between two rooks and chessmen of the same playing strength must oppose each others. Castling is possible. Language: German.

Forchess is played on a single board. The players have seven pawns each and each also an empty square - the board is otherwise packed with pieces.

Ganeshan chess, a new chess variant, in which the Hindu deity, Ganesha (with the elephant head), as a piece gives the game a new dimension.

Gothic Chess is played on a board with 10 lines and 8 rows. Two new pieces have been added. There are similar chess variants.

Jester´s Game is a chess variant for three players – 3 x 18 pieces are used. You can test the game directly on the website. Besides you can play against a weak, traditional chess program, on the website. Languages: German and English.

La page d´échecs de pion.ch with stuff about ordinary chess, chess problems, bughouse, ”losing chess” and other chess variants. Language: French.

Laws of Bughouse chess - these rules concern OTB chess.

Les Échecs à qui perd gagne (Loser chess) - Fabrice Liardet, a skilled player himself, has compiled a lot of information about ”loser chess” on this site. However the latest update took place in 2005. Language: French.

Ministers Chess is a commercial chess variant, published by Corinthian Games, headed by professor Michael J. Corinthios. This chess variant employs a 9x9 board and 36 chess pieces, that is two extra pawns and two extra queens, renamed "ministers".

Omega Chess is an attempt to develop chess. The board consist of 10 x 10 squares + 4 squares for the wizards. Two new pieces have been created, "champion" and "wizard" with a new way of moving. Furthermore the pawns can take three steps in the first move. The other rules are identical with those in standard chess.

PlunderChess - a chess variant based on the idea, that the chessmen could acquire additional moving capabilities during the game. This strengthening comes as the chessmen capture their opponent’s pieces. It is maybe a sort of subtle cannibalism, a transfer of the power from the enemy.

Schachvarianten - a really comprehensive list of different chess variants by ”Schach in Bremen”, a non-commercial German chess site.

Spacechess - Matthias Haberkorn has developed various three-dimensional versions of the chess game. Languages: German and English.

SuicideChess has as its goal to retrieve all information about Suicide Chess (Giveaway Chess) on the same website. FICS rules are used. Languages: French and English.

Suicide Chess Review is about ”Suicide Chess” (aka ”Losing Chess” or “Giveaway Chess"). Suicide Chess is a chess variant where the goal is to "lose", i.e. to be left without pieces or moves. You can play this variant on several playsites on the web, for example FICS. Language: English and Serbian.

Synchronous Chess - the men behind Synchronous Chess want to eliminate the advantage white has because white always move first, by letting the two players move their pieces synchronously, and independent of each other (i.e. without previous knowledge of the opponent's simultaneous move).

The Symmetrical Chess Collection - a "mathematically-sound introduction to the universe of chess variants". You are likely to ask yourself how many of those variants that are playable. Anyway, it is ingenious.

Transcendental Chess was invented in 1981 by Maxwell Lawrence. It is similar to Fischer Random Chess, but has more starting positions.


chess moves can make any finished chess game visible. Based on the game notation every chess move is represented by coloured stripes on a chess board, and all of a sudden there is a painting! Language: German.

Chess on Stamps - with a lot of pictures.

Chess on stamps - Fabio Coracini Ollita from Brazil started collecting stamps a long time ago. Only in 2002 he decided to begin a thematic collection - and chess was his choice. Language: English.

Chess Records contains a lot of records as the longest and the shortest game and so forth - something for those who like hard facts...

Culture et curiosités de l´echiquier - chess is not only technique; it is also about history, beautiful legends, philosophy, paintings, literature. This section by mjae.com contains about 30 articles. Language: French.

Curiosidades del ajedrez - short article about chess history and sundry curiosities. Language: Spanish.

Echecs, cinéma, TV... léger - if a chess set appears in a movie or TV program, you can be pretty sure that you also will find it on this blog. Language: French.

Jean Faulquemont presents his extensive collection of chess stamps. He also sells and buys stamps. Language: French.

Famous people who play chess by Bill Wall. Some just did, as for example Albert Einstein, Marlene Dietrich, Arthur Conan Doyle and Ivan the Horrible.

Kelboreve.com has a gallery with photos of chess masters, caricatures and drawings. Language: French.

Tim Krabbés Chess Curiosities - rather interesting.

Le roi des jeux au pays des phylacteres (The King of the Games in the World of Comic Strips) - surprisingly many excerpts from the world of comic strips.

Malefilatelia (Chess on stamps) – with wantlist and offerlist. Languages: Estonian and English.

Netherlands Motiefgroep Schaken is a non-profit membersite for Dutch topical chess collectors. Auctions are also carried out on the site. Language English, but you can also communicate in Dutch, German and French.

Online Catalogue - chess motives on stamps. Many images.

Schachfantasien - Manfred Trescher offers a cavalcade of imaginative pictures. No words are needed.

Schachgedichte von Stefan Pölt - Stefan Pölt analyses, among other things, chess games in verse form. Language: German.

Schackmotivphilatelie von 1851 - 2000 - for collectors of chess stamps. Very comprehensive content. Languages: German and English.

The Bayshollis Collection contains chess memorabilia, that is autographs from well-known chess players, signed postcards, letters and cheques and so on.

Themechecs - the theme is chess, on stamps, in cartoons, in literature and so forth. Language: French.

Bill Tomlinson collects public playsites for chess in the whole world.

Top Chess - a site for collectors with foremost chessmotifs on postcards. Language: German and English.

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If you want to install a game replayer or a diagram on your homepage, go to Chess software and you might get some tips there.

Bravenet offers a lot of free tools for those who intend to build a chess site.

Chess Graphics has a marvellous collection of chess graphics for those planning to create their chess homepages.

Chess Graphics by David Hayes on the homepage of Logical Chess. Not to be confused with the site above.

Chess imagesthe big search engines, Google, Yahoo and Altavista, find tremendously many chess images.

ChessManiac.com - this chess community offers the Comp WebChess platform, based on open source, which will allow many websites to set up playsites for e-mail chess without cost and with little time involved.

Chess Webmaster Tools is specifically geared towards webmasters of chess web sites, and will be updated frequently. Free resources given are John C. Knudsen´s specific recommendations, based on many years of experience.

Fast 1000 Schachbilder für Ihre Homepage - that is almost thousand chess pictures for your home page. Language: German.

Gifs sur les échecs - those, who plan to build their own chess sites, might find a good many animated chess logos here. Language: French.

My homepage is being created by Tim Harding to accompany a new series on how to get started with your own chess homepage. Tim Harding uses stuff about Zukertort as an exercise.

More British Chess Web Sites - the intention of this section is to de-mystify the processes involved in developing a chess club web site. Relevant not only for British clubs.

Sarah´s Chess Gallery with over 1000 pictures sorted according to different themes.


A Chess Glossary by Eliot Hearst.

Chess Dictionary - online chess dictionary, which translates from and to English, French, German, Spanish and Russian.

Chess Glossary - chess dictionary by Rob McDonell, Ark Angels, Australia, which produces KChess Elite.

Chess Glossary - IBM has a list with the most important chess terms.

ChessMayne Chess Dictionary is, according to the author, the biggest chess dictionary on the net with 24000 search words.

Chess Names by Bill Wall - the names of the chessmen in sixty-three languages. You name it.

Chess Pieces in Different Languages, that is exactly 59 languages.

Chess-poster.com has chess glossaries in English as well as in Spanish.

Chess problem terminology explains a number of sophisticated conceptions within this area of chess.

Chess Terminology: English - Spanish - has been compiled to aid instruction in the playing of chess by those whose mother tongue is English, and who are instructing those who are most fluent in Spanish.

Chess Terms Dictionary - Allentown Center City Chess Club has compiled a chess dictionary, which also explains slang words as “kibitz”, ”skittles” and ”spite check” etc..

Chess Vocabulary in 12 languages - the most common chess terms in twelve European languages.

CyberCity Schachforum has a English-German, German-English chess dictionary.

Diccionario - the chess terms are explained in Spanish.

Echecs.Anjus has a chess glossary. Moreover there is a list and descriptions of six different notation systems. Language: French.

Exeter Chess Club: A chess glossary - if you want to know what "amaurosis scachistica" means.

French Chess Dictionary - English-French chess dictionary by Alex Burke.

Glosario Basico Iberoamericano de Ajedrez - that is a basic ibero-american chess glossary, which not only contains the common chess terms but also datas about players, especially ibero-american ones, etcetera. Mexican project. 23 pages in pdf-format.

Glossaire - dictionary with terms, often used in chess, compiled by Joué Sud Touraine Echecs. Language: French.

Glossar – a chess glossary from Schachtrainer.de. Language: German.

Glossary of chess - this Wikipedia article lists chess terms in English, French and Spanish, that is languages which occur on this chess portal.

Glossary of Chess Terminology - another dictionary.

Glossary of chess terms - Jeremy Silman has compiled this chess glossary. If you already know all chess terms in English, you might as well have a look at the section “Chess and Astrology”.

Kaissiber has a German-English chess dictionary.

Pequeño diccionario infantil del ajedrez - a small chess glossary for children in Spanish.

Petit dictionnaire échiquéen en 17 langues , that is a small chess dictionary in 17 languages.

Schackordlista på svenska - Chess Dictionary in Swedish produced by the Swedish Chess Federation.

The ChessWorld Project is an encyclopedia of chess language, almost bibliographic to its character. Certainly an everlasting project. Languages: German and English.

Xaki Hiztegia - chess dictionary in Basque (euskara), which does not belong to the Indo-European language family, with corresponding designations in Spanish, English and French.

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50 máximas de ajedrez - Eduardo Biagi has collected 50 maxims about chess. Some of them are purely contraproductive as Byron´s “Life is too short for chess”. Language: Spanish.

Abacci Chess with the sub-title “rules, tactics, strategy and history”. The seed content for the site came from two Project Gutenberg public domain texts, “Chess and Checkers: The Way to Mastership” by Edward Lasker and “Chess history and reminiscences” by H. E. Bird.

A Chess Apologia - why actually play chess? Some people mean it makes no sense.

AllExperts is an American website, where you can ask anything, including about chess, and get an answer.

Arimaa - or ”The game of real intelligence” – has been constructed in order to show that it is possible to create a strategy game, in which a computer program is not able to defeat a human opponent for a long time. As we all know, the best commercial chess program today score even with the best human chess players in the world, Kasparov or Kramnik. Whoever can develop a computer program, which can beat the best human Arimaa player chosen by this project before 2025, will win $10000 USD.

Artedrez - the title is taken from a magazine, which Javier Carpintero edited in the midst of the nineties. The webmaster endeavours to comment on the relations with the literature and the fine arts, that chess has supported and supports. Many avant-garde photos. Language: Spanish.

Be wise chess sets - this site is devoted to chess sets and pieces. Advices about chess sets.

Beyond chess presents a number of innovative chess board designs: round, spherical and boards for three, four and six players. Note that these are only prototypes. Whether any of them will be manufactured remains to be seen.

Bienvenue sur images échiquennes - an exciting "potpourri" with every conceivable thing, including poems, from the chess world. Language: French.

Board Game Studies is an interdisciplinary group dedicated to research on board games and the history and development of board games around the world. The society organizes a seminar every year and publishes a journal too.

Buy Chess Online - Mikko Saari has constructed this site for the purpose of facilitating auctions of chess products on eBay by organising them in various categories. Language: English.

Church and Manor in Denmark documents chess motifs on church and manor buildings, mainly in northern Jutland.

Chess Award carries out annual votings about the best chess site in the world in various categories. The reward was originally invented by Berndt Andersson, then affiliated with Schacknyheter and have now got its own homepage. The voting of this year is going on, when this is written.

Chess Ballet is a screen saver for Windows95/98/NT4. Funny chess pieces fly and walk across the screen. You may configure various settings of the screensaver to make it a never ending pleasure.

Chess Collectors International is a society for collectors of exquisite chess pieces. You can get a taste of their collection by looking at this 3D presentation, which however will last for a while.

Chess Greeting Cards may be sent by the help of correspondencechess.com.

Chess Hero - a specially designed watch for chess lovers, which only exists in 333 copies. Anatoly Karpov and Judith Polgar own this watch.

Chessmen Art and History - doctor Mathieu and Ine Kloprogge inform about their book with the same title.

Chessmovies.com is building a collection of chess movies, regularly adding chess videos, submitted by chess fans around the globe. You can for example look at a video from the World Championship match between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky in 1972 and a lot of videos with Alexandra Kosteniuk.

Chess Photo Collection - Fabrice Wantiez has created this collection with commented chess photos, primarily from tournaments. Language: French.

Chessphotos.com - the first commercial online chess photo agency.

Chess Pics contains a lot of photos of chess players from the whole world, listing somewhat towards photogenique players – that is female players.

Chess Prints - here you “will find chess art with a surreal twist, images that illustrate the imaginative, surreal and metaphorical aspects of the game we know as Chess”.

Chess quotations - you can find 323 quotations, memorable, screamingly funny and trite by turns, on this homepage. Language: French.

ChessQuotes.com - this site is designed not as a reference site, but as a collection of wisdom and interesting comments from world champions, grandmasters, theorists and prominent chess personalities.

Chess Rapsody 1 +2 - Lucius Etruscus (surely a pseudonym) has submitted two video clips with entertaining chess scenes from the world of cinema.

Chess stories - Short fiction - a collection of short stories, which in one way or the other touch the subject of chess.

Chess The Game has introduced the vertical chess board in order to challenge how chess is conventionally played.

ChessVotes organizes various polls about questions like for example: Which is the best place on Internet to play chess in real time?

ChessXchange - a place for seeking, selling and buying new or old chess books.

Clasicos del ajedrez offers chess classics and downloads. Language: Spanish.

Connections between Music and Chess - John Greschak has compiled this page about the relationship between chess and music: list of pieces of music with the word chess used in the title, musical terms used in chess and so forth.

Deep Ass!!! - this homepage ”publishes serious and non-serious reports on the chess theme“. Language: German.

Der Schachterapeut - for chess players who need therapeutical treatment. Manfred Herbold is stand-by day and night. Language: German.

Dictionnaire des citations d´échecs - Alexandre Vasilescu, webmaster for the chess club Sceaux and according to himself an average player, has developed a passion for chess quotations. On the 12th of December 2006 he had listed 519 quotations from 197 authors. Language: French.

Die Schachnovelle (The Royal Game) by Stefan Zweig – the homepage is the result of a project at the literary café at the Bondenwald high school in Hamburg-Niendorf. Language: German.

Dr. Smither and some other FICS-users present their chess book collections, among other things a comprehensive Alekhine bibliography (Maeck). Languages: English and Portuguese.

Dutch Chess Collectors with the motto: “If it's related to the game...we collect it!!”

Easytorecall Web Directory, an English portal, that also has a chess section with reviews of websites, articles and so forth.

Elliot Avedon Virtual Museum of Games is affiliated with the University of Waterloo in Canada. Concerning the game chess, the museum places a strong emphasis on chess sets from different periods and countries.

Esnaola Chess Book Collection consists of 1200 books and thousands of magazines. It is not obvious whether there is sales or not. Language: Spanish and English.

Eurogallery Live Art - because the topic of chess being very much neglected in the world of art, Eurogallery Live Art, together with an international artist, have created an exhibition of a series of chess related works. These paintings will be shown live over the web per daily upload.

Ferdis - Andreas Fecke publishes his comic strips with chessmen as leading parts. Language: German.

Galerie Majo - Marika and Josef Bartu from the Czech Republic sells oil paintings with chess motifs from 50 to 190 euros. Language: German.

Garden State Chess Museum in USA is dedicated to chess pieces and chess memorabilia of all kinds and includes an online shop.

handmade.chess - information on how to make wooden chess boards and pieces. Unique site.

Hnefatafl was the name of the board game, which the vikings liked to play, even in Valhalla. The site explains the game rules and you can also try to play hnefatafl online here. Languages: Danish and English.

Jeu d´Échecs, Histoire et Littérature has been inspired by Lewis Carrol, ”Alice´s Adventures in wonderland” and a certain mysterious chess game by the same Lewis Carrol. Language: French.

Jon´s Antique Chess Collection - an impressive collection, mainly of chess pieces but also other accessories.

Ken Wyld Association strives to bring together the information scattered worldwide from collectors of chess literature and extensive chess libraries and give the public access to it. This comprehensive bibliographical recording can only be realized by means of a worldwide network.

Gert Jan´s Kijk - Dutch artist, who shows many drawings with chess motifs on his site.

Koningklijke Bibliotheek, the national library of the Netherlands, has one of the world´s biggest collections of material concerning the game of chess and draughts, ca. 30000 titles. The chess collection is based on the collections of Antonius van der Linde, Meindert Niemeijer and G.L. Gortmans. Languages: Dutch and English.

Le jeu d´échecs contains chess history, inter alia about chess in the days of Charlemagne, but also about chess as a theme in literature and so forth. From Dossiers pedagogiques/Biblioteque national de France, the French national library.

Mathematics and Chess Page - in this article David Joyner discusses what mathematics and chess have in common. A lot, but the struggle, typical for chess, divides them.

MathWorldTM is "the web's most complete mathematical resource, assembled over more than a decade by internet encyclopedist Eric W. Weisstein with assistance from the mathematics and internet communities". You can find many chess related mathematical problems here, for example: Which number of positions can be found after the 4th move? Correct answer: 71782 to 71870 (depending on how you calculate).

Metajedrez - chess as theme in literature, philosophy, art, music, film and so forth. Chess is not only chess. Language: Spanish.

My obsession with chess - a cartoon, that is sixteen American feet long, by Scott McCloud.

Oops - a blog (web log) about chess.

Parties d´échecs par votes - Stewens d'Orchymont play chess against the public. You vote for a move and the winning move is played against him. Language: French.

Pastaman Schaakcartoons contains foremost images, even animated, with chess motifs.

Eric Petit caricatures chess players. French site.

Postales de ajedrez - the blogger is interested in collecting postcards with chess motifs. Language: Spanish.

Publishers Adresses contains a list with chess publishers and magazines.

Riesen-Schach - Mike Kaufmann has for some years owned a knee-high chess game for outdoor use, though he only seldom uses it and is therefore willing to lend it out. You can find the chess game in Falkenberg Elster, a place located between Berlin and Dresden in eastern Germany.

Scacchi al cinema - chess on the white screen. This extensive list of films, where the game of chess in one way or another appears, starts with a silent film from 1914. Some film presentations are comprehensive. Language: Italian and English.

Schachbücher - the homepage addresses itself foremost to chess book collectors. Attractive Swiss homepage. Language: German.

Schachfiguren - Gerd Haehner has been collecting chess pieces in all kind of material for about 20 years. Language: German.

Schachfiguren und Ästetik - actually the chess pieces are not necessary in the game of chess; they only have a certain relation to the game itself. They are the spatio-temporal representation of a structure in a defined socio-cultural context. This is analysed further on this page. Language: German.

Schach in der Literatur - Udo Harms collects – and reviews – novels, in which chess as a theme occurs. His absolute favourites are Vladimir Nabokov´s ”The Defence” and Stefan Zweig´s ”The Royal Game”. Language: German.

Schach in Kunst und Kultur - chess is an important theme in Elke Rheder´s versatile artistic production. You can copy her pictures freely. But the website also contains a great deal of other information. Languages: German, English, Spanish and French.

Schachkalender.com sells a chess calendar with humoristic texts, creative chess photos and postcards with chess themes. Language: German.

Schachkollektion Dippert - a photo collection of chess pieces, chess books, chess computers and chess players in relation to tournaments. Language: German.

Schachkultur is about the marks chess has left in cultural, scientific and other contexts. Language: German.

Schach und Kultur - Frank Mayer from Barcelona manages this website, that contains many interesting, richly illustrated, articles with a culture-historical approach. A delight to the eye. Language: German.

Schackbörsen - a Swedish website for selling and buying used chess books, which seems to be quite serious.

Schaken en reclame - chess in advertising has been compiled by Tornado Schaakvereniging. Language: Dutch.

Shot Glass Chess - in this chess variant the chessmen have been replaced by glasses, which should be filled with alcoholic drinks. When you have captured an enemy "piece", you have to drink the content in the glass. This rule maybe does not favour rapid chess.

Rob Spaans has a homepage about chess in literature, in the movies and quite a few chess quotations. Language: English.

Spelstilar - Mats Winther analyzes different ways of playing chess. Languages: Swedish and English.

Start - Frank Stiefel catches the chess world in his caricatures.

Steffans Foto-Portal contains more than 17000 photos from chess tournaments and club events in Germany, sorted into over 400 categories. Language: German.

Tableaux ayant pour sujet les échecs - 115 paintings with chess motifs are reproduced. The first painting originates from the 15th century. Language: French.

The Chess Cafe Archives - all articles, reviews and endgame studies, that have been appeared there, may be downloaded in PDF-format.

The Goddess Chess has as its motto that the chess game was created by a goddess. You do not have to interpret that too literally, but the site gives a lot of attention to the female dimension in chess, both cultur-historically and in other contexts.

The National Chess Library, the third-largest public chess library in the world, is located within the University of Brighton's Hastings Campus. The English Chess Federation library now has a permanent home in Hastings, a town with a long association with the game of chess and home to the annual Hastings International Chess Congress.

The Ströbeck Chess Museum - it all started when in the 11th century a Halberstadt bishop incarcerated a prisoner brought back from a war crusade in Ströbeck's peel tower. The prisoner was, in fact, a prince and he taught the royal game of chess to the local peasants guarding him. Languages: German and English.

The Ultimate Chess Trivia Quiz - Quiz about chess by Robert Koslowski.

...to distract somebody´s attention - the Australian chess player Bob Cowley caused some attention by complaining that his female opponent had distracted his attention by her unique femine charms. Article.

Tribute to chess game through paintings - a half-hour long video by Michel Miro on YouTube, with paintings from the early medieval period up to the present day, with incidental music.

www.123greetings.com has some free e-cards for the Chess day on July 20. Maybe the cards mostly suit the younger chess players.

YouthChess.com is a weblog of The Youth Chess Charitable Foundation-Cesar E.Chavez Science Magnet School Chess Team in California. Cesar E.Chavez was a trade union organizer of farm workers, especially in Arizona.

Zed the chessbot is a web based chess robot, which is able to communicate about chess. I put forward the provocative question ”draw?” to Zed, which answered “what you said was either too complex or too simple for me”, an answer almost worthy the oracle in Delphi.

Zelasny.com is directed towards all the six-year old children in the universe. Speciality: design of chess pieces "for the Zen of it".

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