Six years ago I started seriously to surf on the Internet and discovered soon that is was possible to play chess on the net. As a teenager I had played chess in clubs, but a lot of interests intervened. Since the start I have played a lot of games on the net, especially blitz, from one minute games to five. Three minutes games seem to suit me best. Only at I have - up to the 23rd of June 2001 - played 7062 games. Furthermore I have during this period played on Caissa, FICS, ICC, World Chess Network, Game-Colony, Chessed as well as I have visited and tested many other playsites. The total number of games probably exceeds 10000. Does it sounds much? I know those who have played more games than me… Because I teach two-three evenings every week, I need to relax when I come home and I prefer to play chess on the net in stead of looking at the television.

I am a rather good amateur player. It is of course important to win a game, but even more important for me is to win a beautiful attacking game, hopefully after a spectacular sacrifice. Such a game I remember long.

Photo: Stephan Wideman

My second interest regarding chess on the net is - chess programs and other chess software. I download freeware and shareware programs and play against them. I am no specialist - I know nothing about programming, I just take a look at the software. Of course I am a owner of some programs.

These both interests are probably reflected in the structure of this link collection. I shall attempt to accomplish a better balance gradually.

There are few good link collections about chess. In Swedish there are only Linkebodas kommenterade schacksidor and John Sollén´s uncommented link collection besides this one…Thus I try to fill a need by this link collection. Besides this task suits me as a person: I am not a specialist or very skilful on anything concerning chess - I just know something about much.

Per-Åke Lindblom

Stockholm, Sweden

Main entrance!

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